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Book of the Month for Families

Book of the Month

Research shows that reading books aloud with young children is one of the best ways to build vocabulary, comprehension and important pre-literacy skills. Preschool Promise encourages families and teachers in reading every day/week. Families enrolled in Preschool Promise will be mailed a free book every month, directly to their home. This page has helpful resources for reading the books using a proven model called “dialogic reading.”   

2020-2021 School Year Titles

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Making the Most of Storytime

“It is the talk that surrounds the story book reading that gives it power.”
NationalAssociation for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) & International Reading Association

Reading aloud to young children is important, and HOW you share books can make a big difference. Research shows that following these read-aloud practices significantly improves the language skills of children who participate:

 1. Have a conversation about a book

  • Frequent conversations—back and forth exchanges 
  • Ask questions that require more than one word answers
  • Wait long enough for responses
  • Be responsive to what the child says

2. Model advanced language

  • Repeat what your child says and add more to it:
  1. Provide new information 
  2. Recast what they say with more advanced vocabulary 
  3. Repeat what they say with correct grammar/word use, or a longer sentence

3. Prompt critical thinking skills

  • Ask how and why questions
  • Ask children to explain their answers
  • Give clues to get them to the right answer if possible

4. Intentionally build vocabulary

  • Reread the same book often
  • Stop and explain the meaning of one or two words
  • Define words using words they already know 
  • Ask children to repeat the words to improve their memory of the sounds in the word

5. Teach and provide practice of social and emotional skills

  • Everyone has something valuable to say and listen to (self–regulation)
  • Listen to peers with eyes and ears (self-awareness) 
  • Building community (relationship skills) “So you and Jamari both take a bus to the grocery with their mommies.”

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