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Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Let the wild Rumpus Begin! Have fun with your little wild thing outside with these three ways to play:

Make a Nature Crown
What you need:
  • paper, cut into a long strip to make a crown
  • tape
  • unwrapped crayons
  • something with texture, like tree bark, cement, leaves, or flowers

What to do:  Put the paper over the textured things you find, and make a rubbing! Rub the crayon on the sidewalk or bark to decorate the paper.  Once your kiddo is done, turn it into a crown by fitting it to their head, and taping it together.  You'll have your very own King of the Wild Things!
Catch the Wind
What you need :
  • a stick, or something similar to make a "wand"
  • ribbons, light fabric pieces, or strings
As the weather gets warmer and the winds pick up, you can go outside and “catch” the wind! Grab a stick and attach some ribbons to see how the wind moves the string.  Be imaginative--your wind catcher can be a wand, a baton, or anything you want it to be.  A stick is, after all, the world’s #1 toy of all time!
Make a Nature Bracelet: 
What you need
  • duct tape or masking tape 
  • whatever plants, leaves, or flowers you find in nature!
What to do:  make a belt or bracelet using the tape, sticky side out.  As you walk through nature with your kiddo, talk about what is safe to touch and what you can add to your bracelet.  Talk with your kiddo, add leaves, flowers, or other nature treasures to the sticky bracelet for a unique creation!

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