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Passport to Kindergarten

Passport to Kindergarten

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Sponsored by PNC Grow Up Great, Passport to Kindergarten is a year-long program for Preschool teachers and their young learners’ families. The initiative promotes literacy and language skills by providing monthly professional development to Preschool teachers, while also offering free enriching learning opportunities to children and families.


Identify local preschool teachers who are committed to participate in ongoing professional development on dialogic reading and implement it to fidelity in their classrooms with the goal of improving oral language skills of their students.


Approximately 25 classrooms will be accepted in the Passport to Kindergarten Professional Learning Community for 2020-2021 school year.  The learning community is open to all Preschool Promsie classrooms.  We are excited to offer the opporunity this year for the Lead Teacher along with their Assistant Teacher to apply together as a team. 


Eligible applicants are lead and assistant teachers working at Preschool Promise sites. Applicants need to:    
  • View themselves as lifelong learners and are open to refining their instructional practices within their classrooms. 
  • Are knowledgeable about and committed to family involvement in the education of their preschool children 
  • Are committed to ensuring that the families they serve have access to and feel welcomed in the educational and arts resources available in the Miami Valley region

How to Apply

Complete the on-line application form located at the bottom of this webpage.


Application and support documents need to be submitted no later than 4:00 PM Friday, May 15, 2020.


The applications will be evaluated by a review panel comprised of Passport to Kindergarten partners and the Preschool Promise Advisory Cabinet with a follow up interview to be scheduled.   Decisions will be communicated to the applicants by Friday, May 29, 2020.

Learning Community Guidelines

  1. Participating teachers will be required to attend a Summer Institute held Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday, June 15, 16, & 18, 2020 and all monthly trainings and meetings held every first Monday of the month beginning August 3. No participant shall miss more than two (2) sessions.
  2. Participating teachers will be required to attend Passport to Kindergarten events within the school year (September-Kick Off; at Dayton Metro Library; January at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery; May at Five Rivers Metro Parks; along with classroom activities from Muse Machine and Dayton Art Institute.)
  3. Team applications will require that both the lead and assistant teacher attend each meeting and function together. 
  4. Participating teachers will be accepted for the site from which they apply at the time of this application. Should the teacher/or team switch positions, they will not be allowed to continue with the learning community. 
  5. Each participating teacher will receive a stipend of $1000 to be released in 2 installments (Dec 2020 and May 2021) upon completion of all MOU stated requirements.


Passport to Kindergarten Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Passport to Kindergarten Professional Learning Community.
Please complete the following questions.  Once we receive your application, you will receive an email with additional information on how to turn in the following documents:
  • A letter of interest. 
  • Resume. 
  • Two (2) professional letters of support. One of these letters must be from the current administrator/director. 
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding. 
  • Assurance statement from the Principal/Preschool Administrator stating the teacher will be teaching preschool in the 2020-2021 school year and the facility will submit all required PNC site clearance materials by June 1, 2020.

We encourage both the Lead Teacher and Assistant Teachers to apply as a team.  Each individual will need to complete a separate application.  

A total of 25 Classrooms will be accepted for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please make sure you can commit the the above guidelines before applying. 

Applicant First Name:
Applicant Last Name:
Applicant's Email Address:
Applicant's Phone Number:
Have you participated in the Passport to Kindergarten program in the past?
If yes, please indicate how many years.

Employed at:
How long have you been employed at your current site/center?
How long have you taught in a Preschool setting?
Classroom Name
What classroom type do you teach in?

What is your position?

Are you applying as a team (Lead & Assistant Teacher in the same classroom)?
If yes, please list the other applicant's name (They need to complete the application process also.):
Your Supervisor's Name
Your Name:
Your Email:
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To validate your submission, please type the answer to the question.

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