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Play on Purpose

What is POP (Play on Purpose)?

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What does it mean to “Play on Purpose?” 
Play on Purpose, or POP, is a community-based initiative to encourage families to turn everyday moments into playful learning opportunities. Based on the science of how the brain is wired through back-and-forth conversations and responsive relationships with caregivers, the aim of this initiative is to help families engage their young children by asking the right questions at the right time. Our goal is to turn free play into playful learning by engaging adults with their young children through thoughtful design and intentional placement of experiences and signage.

Where can I find a POP Spot?

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What is a POP Spot? 
A POP Spot is an every day place or space – like bus stops, grocery stores, and playgrounds – that inspires critical thinking, collaboration, and communication for children. We believe that “if we build it, the families will come.” 

Where can I find a POP Spot? 
Our goal is to blanket the greater Dayton community with POP spots. In Montgomery County, nearly 40% of infants and toddlers are living in dire poverty. These families lack access to enriching opportunities for their children, and many are uncertain about how to help their children learn. Our POP Spots serve as a way to bridge the gaps between children’s natural playful instincts, families’ desire to support their child’s learning, and the community’s ability to provide resource hubs into places where families are already going.
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Interested in creating a POP Spot?
Contact Jen Brauer, Director of Partnerships, Birth to 5  [email protected] 
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