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Coming Soon! Playkit #3: Talking and Reading

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Skills of Talking and Reading include foundational skills needed for learning to read and write. Before children are reading and writing, they start exploring with words that rhyme, recognizing their name and learning to share their thoughts out loud. The kit will encourage creating and sharing stories, both in writing and speaking.
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What's in the Box?
Early math helps children look for patterns and build counting skills. Shapes, counting and having number sense are key for later, more complex math skills. This Play Kit emphaszies measuring, coutning and all things math!
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What’s in the Box?

Social emotional skills are ways our children connect to others as well as find the words to describe their feelings. These skills help children work through conflict with others and identify their own feelings as well.


As a way to help build kindergarten readiness and important skills, we’ve included some tools for play for your child! Find a safe place to keep them, because each month we will send you ideas for new ways to play.  

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