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Quarterly Highlights: July-Sept 2019

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 Over 1,375 children are enrolled in Preschool Promise!
How we’re doing on the 3 pillars of the Preschool Promise
  • We connected with over 1,400 children during this year’s recruiting season. 
  • We attended more than 80 events to spread the word about Preschool Promise.
  • We hosted a Parent Meet & Greet for 50 people where our Parent Ambassadors connected with families. 
  • We launched an Attendance Champions Campaign with Miami Valley Child Development Centers. Over 30 transportation and family support staff are participating.

  • Preschool Promise held 8 School Year Kick-Offs where we shared Preschool Promise’s benefits and discussed last year’s  attendance and academic data. 
  • 170 lead and assistant teachers in Dayton and Dayton Public Schools have applied for the new Promise Stipend. They’ll receive $800 for having a 90% attendance rate, remaining in the same classroom for the year and participating in a Preschool Promise training. 
  • Preschool Promise hosted 8 workshops for teachers, coaches and administrators. 
  • More than 110 teachers are participating in 2 different year-long Conscious Discipline Professional Learning Communities. 
  • Participants in our 6-day Conscious Discipline intensive training on Saturdays are earning an $800 stipend. 
  • 38 participants enrolled in The Art of the Boy Friendly Classroom training.
  • 800 families have joined STAR Attendance and will receive $25 on a reloadable debit card each month their child has a 90% or better attendance rate. 
  • More than 1,200 families signed up for Ready4K text messages and will receive 3 tips per week about how to help their child learn at home. 
  • Every Preschool Promise Preschooler will receive a free book each month as part of our new Book of the Month program. 
  • Preschool Promise has expanded to Trotwood-Madison, Mad River and Jefferson Twp. school districts.
Teacher turnover directly correlates with pay. Lead teachers at private providers earn, on average, just $12 per hour. That’s one reason why we’re piloting the Promise Stipend.
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