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Preschools and child care professionals are heroes!

October 2020 - Quarterly Highlights
Preschools and child care programs are doing amazing things to support children and families in the face of COVID-19. Unlike K-12 schools, many did not have the option of starting the school year virtually. Many have been operating continuously since the pandemic began. Lots of families need to be physically at work and require in-person early learning and child care!

Even though Ohio has allowed programs to return to having full classrooms, many programs still are operating at reduced capacity to keep children and staff safe — resulting in families being put on waiting lists. Reduced capacity also means less revenue for these low-margin essential businesses. Meanwhile, their expenses have increased because of the need for more staff, additional cleaning and sanitizing and more personal protection equipment.

We’re so grateful to Montgomery County for setting aside $5 million from its federal CARES Act funding for child care. Programs may apply for grants of up to $30,000. However, we still need Congress to step up and recognize the industry needs continued financial support — we can’t keep the economy open if families who have to be on the job don’t have affordable and accessible child care!

We’re excited to offer a new program to nearly all families with a 4-year-old who may not be attending Preschool because of COVID-19 this year or may not be able to attend regularly. Families who join Preschool Promise PLUS will receive great support to help their child keep learning at home, including a FREE tablet and data as needed. Nearly all Montgomery County families with a 4-year-old can join and receive 1 year of support from Preschool Promise. Even children enrolled in Preschool can participate! Though children get the most benefit from attending Preschool in-person, we can’t let them lose a year of learning!

Thank you to all of early childhood professionals for all they’re doing!
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