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COVID-19 Response - March 2020

This update is like none other. With all of you, Preschool Promise is focused on combating the spread of Coronavirus and keeping our community safe — most specifically by ensuring essential workers have a safe and nurturing place for their children! 
Hundreds of child care professionals across the region are on the job so essential workers can be on the job! Without them, nurses and doctors wouldn’t be taking care of patients, firefighters and police wouldn’t be on the scene of emergencies, grocery shelves wouldn’t be stocked. We thank every one of these professionals for keeping young children safe and feeling secure under the most difficult circumstances.
Many programs made the difficult decision to close and not become a pandemic center. They simply couldn’t afford to stay open  under the necessary, but costly, new child-teacher ratios and additional health and safety rules. Unlike public school Preschools and Head Start programs, teachers at many of these closed programs aren’t being paid. 
While we know everyone’s budgets are strapped and that hard choices will have to be made in the days ahead, we’re continuing to
pay Preschool Promise programs their tuition assistance, and teachers their professional development stipends. We need Preschools and child care programs to be there for workers and start back up quickly when we get to the other side of this crisis!

Children are intuitive. While they may not have words for what’s happening, they’re as unsettled as we are. Our essential workers  need to know that when their children are in someone else’s care, they are being embraced. 
Thank you for your support as we get through this together! 
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