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Preschools and child care professionals don’t stop!

December 2020 - Quarterly Highlights

Even as COVID-19 cases have surged and K-12 schools have gone totally virtual or closed, Preschools and child care providers have remained open. They’re serving families who need to be on the job and keeping children learning.

Many programs also are supporting children who aren’t physically in class with virtual instruction. While we’ve all seen how older children are struggling with learning via a screen, imagine teaching really young children! Early learning educators are doing an amazing job.

Many Preschools and child care programs still are operating at reduced capacity to keep children and staff safe. The cost of educating young children has increased — not decreased — in the face of COVID-19. While Congress provided funding for child care in the stimulus legislation that passed in December, it’s not nearly enough to meet the real need.

We’re excited that our new Preschool Promise PLUS initiative just keeps growing in popularity. Nearly 1,300 children are using their new free tablets and spending a healthy amount of time with research-based learning apps.

Almost all Montgomery County families with a 4-year-old can join Preschool Promise PLUS, including children who aren’t attending Preschool or who aren’t enrolled at a partner program! If you know a family who may be eligible, invite them to join here!

Our children are counting on us getting them ready for Kindergarten even in a pandemic!
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