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Star Bound

Star Bound

Star Bound is a special project sponsored by Preschool Promise with the purpose of assisting Montgomery County childcare programs that are not yet rated under Ohio’s Step Up To Quality  initative.  

Preschool Promise is currently in Dayton and Kettering, and thanks to Montgomery County funding, we will be expanding to Trotwood and Jefferson Township in Fall 2019.  While we do not yet have enough funding to take the full Preschool Promise program countywide, this generous support from Montgomery County is allowing us to launch this new initiative.  

If your program is currently "unrated" under Ohio's Step Up to Quality initiative and if you enroll young learners who receive assistance under Ohio's Publicly Funded Childcare program, you must earn at least a 1-Star Rating by July 1, 2020, to continue enrolling PFCC families and receive state subsidies. By 2025, programs accepting PFCC families must earn at least a 3-Star Rating.

To learn more about Step Up to Qualityclick here. As programs earn and increase their Star Ratings, they receive greater subsidies under PFCC.

The new Star Bound program can help you earn a Star Rating — at no cost to you, though there are time and training commitments. Preschool Promise is partnering with 4C for Children and CWCC, Inc., to provide this enhanced coaching support to assist you in earning your 1-Star Rating this year.  
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