Signing up for Preschool Promise is easy!

Please Note: Tuition Assistance for the 2017-18 school year is currently closed.  We invite you to complete an application so that you can be placed on a Waiting list if a spot were to open for Tuition Assistance, and so that you can receive other benefits of Preschool Promise, such as kindergarten readiness checklists and Star Attendance benefits (for Dayton residents only).

Applications for the 2018-19 School Year will be accepted beginning March 5, 2018.

Already enrolled at a Preschool Promise provider? Skip Steps 1 and 2, and just sign up!

Step 1: Make sure your family is eligible

  • You must live in Montgomery County.
  • Your child must have turned 4 by Sept. 30, 2017.
  • You must enroll your child in a participating Preschool Promise provider in the City of Dayton or Kettering.

Step 2: Choose A Preschool

If your child is not already attending a participating Preschool Promise provider in Dayton or Kettering, choose a program and enroll him or her. You may enroll your child any time during the school year.

To receive tuition assistance (if you're not already receiving free Preschool), you must select a participating program that is Star-Rated.  Click here to see how much tuition assistance your family may be eligible to receive.

Even if your child's Preschool is free, you should still sign up.

  • Your child will get a small birthday gift.
  • You'll get tips to keep your child learning at home.
  • Your child's program will get FREE books, educational toys, training for teachers and more.

Step 3: Sign Up

Fill out this application. It takes less than 20 minutes!

Email your applications to

Or you can mail or drop off your application:

Preschool Promise
4C for Children
1000 N. Keowee St.
Dayton, OH 45404

After You Apply

You'll hear from us within 2 weeks. If you're requesting tuition assistance or help with your co-pays, we'll let you know the amount you'll receive. Take that letter to the Preschool where your child is enrolled. The program will make sure your tuition or co-pay is reduced accordingly.

To begin receiving tuition assistance or to reduce your co-pays, you must sign and return the Parent Agreement that you'll receive. We cannot provide financial help until the Parent Agreement is returned.

If your child isn't already enrolled in a Preschool Promise program, choose from one of these participating Star-Rated Preschools.

If you live in Dayton, you'll want to join our Star Attendance program.  You can get $25 every month your child has a 90% attendance rate.  Learn more!

Kids working on a science project together

Have Questions About the Application Process?

Send us an email us at, text PROMISE17 to 41411, or call 937-723-2741.