Need-based Assistance Key

Depending on your family's income, you may be eligible for financial help in addition to Preschool Promise tuition assistance. The following will help you understand what assistance is available at providers you are considering.

Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC)

This provider accepts families receiving Publicly Funded Child Care, which is available to those with incomes at 130% and below the Federal Poverty Level. The family member also must be working or going to school.

Early Childhood Expansion (ECE)

This provider has Early Childhood Expansion slots, which are available to families with incomes at 200% and below the Federal Poverty Level. There is no work requirement.

Head Start (HS)

This is a Head Start program and is free to families with incomes under 100% of the Federal Poverty Level. 

Dayton Public Schools (DPS)

This is a Dayton Public Schools Preschool and is free to families, regardless of income.


This program offers its own need-based tuition scholarships.