Professional Development

Core Training Workshops:  Core Training Workshops will cover important topics such as Conscious Discipline©, CLASS©, Creative Curriculum© and how to promote equity. These workshops will be offered throughout the year. Ask your coach which of these workshops will be best for you.

  • FULL - Wired to Move - 2 One-Day Workshops Available

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs):  Professional Learning Communities are designed to give professionals time to dive deeply into topics and to develop relationships with peers. Preschool Promise PLCs will be led by qualified facilitators and will meet 2 hours per month for 9 months. Participants must commit to attending all sessions in return for a stipend of $300 in January, and $500 at the completion of their PLC’s work. Space is limited; participants must complete a short application.

  • FULL - Wired to Move (2 Additional PLCs added)

Updates to these offerings will be made throughout the year. Please share your suggestions with us, and let us know how we can support you.