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Readiness Summit talks early childhood education

He's proposing:
¦ Funding to increase sup­port for Ohio's Publicly Funded Child Care program, allowing more families to participate;
¦Improving reimbursement rates for child care providers that serve working families who can't possibly pay mar­ket rate for child care;
Expanding home visiting for pregnant women and new mothers;
¦Increaising funding for infant and toddler child care. Ohio has an extreme shortage of infant and child care options

We're sharing information with legislators about the importance of these funding requests and inviting families, educators and community
partners to share their needs with state senators and repre­sentatives. Visit www.legisla­ if you'd like help reaching out to lawmakers. Now is the time!

To learn more about the exciting changes in early childhood education, please join us for the 14th Annual Readiness Summit on Friday, March 3rd at Sinclair College. We're so happy to be meeting in person  once again to continue our community's efforts to give all our young­ est children the opportunity to succeed.

Our theme this year, The Power of Joy and Belonging, is fitting in the wake of the disruptions of the past three years. Rut it also reminds us of what connects all of us - our children, educators, families, administrators, community, political and business leaders.

When we know we are part of something larger - a family, a school, a community -we have a foundation for building successful lives. This free event is open to all who are passion­ate about early education-children from binh through Grade 3. To register and for more information, visit Pre­school Promise at Readiness Summit

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