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Ready to Read

Partnering to create better educational opportunities for the 6,700 children residing in the 17 neighborhoods of the Hope Zone!

You're invited to be Family Advisors & Mentors

Family Advisors are a vital part of our program. As a Family Advisor, you will be asked to assist with the following:

Meetings are held in- person on the first Thursday of each month. Dinner and childcare included.

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Advise Ready to Read Preschool Promise staff concerning program, procedures, practices and communications that impact families in the Hope Zone.



Educate families about the importance of early learning and the resources available to them to support their children so they are ready to read.

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Co-design solutions to improve reading skills. 



Advocate for expanded and improved early learning resources and opportunities.



Serve as a Ready to Read family representative at early childhood programs and in the Hope Zone community. 

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