Children's success starts in Preschool

Helping families. Improving Preschools. Strengthening our community.

Join the Preschool Promise

Get the most for your child

Preschool Promise is making quality Preschool more available and affordable to Dayton and Montgomery County families with 4-year-olds by partnering with high quality programs.

When you join

  • You'll get help paying for Preschool, including co-pays
  • You'll get tips every month to help your child learn at home
  • Your child's Preschool will get FREE books, teaching toys and more
  • Coaches will help your child's teacher improve

Find a Preschool

More than 70 Preschool sites in Dayton and Kettering are part of the Preschool Promise.

Choose from public and private school Preschools, commercially-owned providers, non-profit programs, Head Start programs and home care providers. You select which program is best for your child! 

All are Star-Rated by the State of Ohio or in the process of earning this important recognition of quality. 5 Stars is the best rating.

Choose convenience Expect quality

Quality Preschools get children ready for Kindergarten. They help children start school on track — not behind.

At quality programs:

  • Teachers have great lessons every day
  • Teachers teach good manners and behavior
  • Teachers share ideas to help your child learn at home
  • Teachers give progress reports about everything your child is learning

Benefits of Preschool

  • Children who go to Preschool have stronger social skills

  • Children who start Kindergarten on track are better readers

  • The skills children learn in Preschool help them throughout school

We make Preschool affordable

All families who join the Preschool Promise and who don't already receive free Preschool are eligible for tuition assistance. Assistance is based on family income, family size and the Star Rating of the program you choose.

Click here to see how much your family can receive.

Estimate Tuition Assistance (.pdf)

Real families Real success

Choosing the right Preschool can be hard

Let Preschool Promise help you find and afford a quality Preschool in Dayton or Kettering for your 4-year-old. Be sure to choose a Star-Rated program! Preschools can earn from 1 to 5 Stars if they do more than meet minimum licensing requirements.

Do you know about Star Attendance?

Dayton families can get $25/month for great attendance

To get the most from Preschool, children need to attend every day and on time. Dayton families can receive $25 each month their child has a 90% or better attendance rate. At the end of the year, if your child has an overall 90% attendance rate, you'll get a $100 bonus.


"I love Preschool Promise!" - Preschool Promise Parent

"My son's tuition assistance has been so helpful! We are grateful for programs like yours that allow us to keep education a priority." 
- Preschool Promise Parent

"Preschool Promise is a blessing." - Preschool Promise Parent

"Preschool Promise has opened up many training opportunities to my staff that they may not have had." - Preschool Promise Director

"Preschool Promise rocks!" - Preschool Promise Parent

"Preschool Promise allowed me to put my son in Preschool to help with his speech delay. I would not have been able to put my son in Preschool otherwise. In a few short months, I have seen such an improvement in his speech and in other areas as well." 
- Preschool Promise Parent

"Preschool Promise made it possible for my son to be able to continue receiving 5 Star Rated care and education at no cost. I couldn't afford the tuition at a 5-Star school. What a blessing!"
- Preschool Promise Parent