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Black Boy Brilliance in Action

As of the end of December 2023, 920 people have attended a screening of the Black Boys documentary. With our goal of 1000 viewers in sight,  we will be looking to schedule showings early in 2024.

Our Site Ambassadors continue to have a meaningful impact in the classrooms. The students at Dayton Children’s Child Care Center are so excited when they see Ambassador Chris Raines (or Uncle Chris, as they have anointed him) arrive in the classroom, and their teacher, Mrs. Bell, has noticed an increase in conversations since his visits began. Their desire to speak with him has increased peer-to-peer communications. Mr. Raines stays through lunch and storytime and tucks them in for their rest. For him, the work is a meaningful way for children to interact with a black man in their day-to-day lives, not just seeing athletes and celebrities on television.

We are still accepting applications for Site Ambassadors, particularly those with 2nd shift availability. You can access the application here.


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