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2020 Conference Day

2020 Preschool Promise Conference Day

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Monday, February 17, 2020
Preschool Promise is offering its first Conference Day. We are offering a number of training options all in one day so there is something for everyone on your team.
For childcare centers who accept Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC), they can take advantage of the rule that centers can close for a day for Professional Development and still bill the state for PFCC.
Attendees can choose from three different full day courses or frm five half day courses.

 Who should attend:

Classroom Teachers & Administrators 


 Ohio Approved:

up to 5 Hours (depending on course selection)



Preschool Promise Sites—Preschool Classroom Teachers



Preschool Promise Sites—Administrators


Preschool Promise Sites—Other Teachers (Pay for this with Quality Dollars)



Non-Preschool Promise Sites$75.00

Full Day Course Selections

The 2020 Conference Day is hosting three Full Day Course Selections.  You have the choice of:
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching (Full Day Course)
    Explore innovative approaches to close the achievement gap. Brain research, action plans, and self-reflection are key components to learning how one’s culture programs the brain to process data and affects learning relationships.  Latoria Marcellus, our Director of Quality, will the ten “key moves”  for students and will give you strategies to help your students become independent learners.
  • Diving Into Emotional Messes (Full Day Course)
    This workshop will explore the elements of self-regulation through Conscious Discipline©.  Self-regulation is the ability to manage emotional upset and behavior. We can coach children once we learn how our life experiences influence our interactions.  Discover how to identify and improve strategies for managing emotional mayhem. You will learn from Joni Spencer, Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor, the five-steps for using “feeling buddies” in the “safe place” in your classroom. 
  • Executive Functions: Developing Children’s Air Traffic Control System (Full Day Course)
    In many ways, children are like little air traffic controllers. They're trying to manage multiple things all at once. Children need executive function (EF) skills to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals and control impulses.  What is more important to Kindergarten teachers than his/her students knowing the alphabet or recognizing numbers? The ability to focus and use self-control. These are key elements of EF. Children aren’t born with these abilities — they are born with the potential to develop them. Facilitators Scott Siegfried and Hope Cypryla, of MVCDC, will show you how to help children build these essential school and life skills. 

Half Day Course Selections

The 2020 Conference Day is hosting six Half Day Course Selections.  You have the choice of 2 courses:
  • Digging Deeper into Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards (1/2 Day Course)
    Teacher/child interaction is the cornerstone of the early childhood environment. During this training, presented by Patti Jo Wilson from Lakeshore Learning, teachers will focus on ways of increasing the quality of interactions. The focus will be on the development of children and ways that teachers can support the daily instruction through many hands-on activities.
  • Diversity in Picture Books (1/2 Day Course)
    There are thousands of new books for children published every year. How can you keep up with them all? A picture book “read-in” is your answer! Join, Kathleen Moore, Early Literacy Specialist, for two relaxed hours of browsing and reading a curated collection of new books selected with preschoolers in mind. 
  • Importance of Nature Play (1/2 Day Course)
    “Nature Play” is a term that is used around the world to focus on connecting children to nature.  In this workshop we will explore the opportunities that winter has to offer. Featured instructor, Jill Bienenstock, brings over 20 years of experience as a childhood educator.   She focuses on finding ways to extend curriculum outdoors, making it simple and fun for both children and educators. Jill is inspired by the children she works with and enjoys finding creative ways to transform outdoor ‘roadblocks’ into learning opportunities for all. This workshop will be conducted outdoors, please dress appropriately.
  • “Talk to Me” Making Interactions Meaningful (1/2 Day Course)
    This workshop will dive into discussions about how Conscious Discipline© can help you create a positive atmosphere and improve your CLASS© scores and child outcomes.  The training facilitated by, Kennedy Lynch, CLASS© Specialist and Susan Hampel, Certified Conscious Discipline Trainer, will go over the CLASS© dimensions and how to use Conscious Discipline© skills and structures to build positive relationships in your classroom. There will be a mix of discussions and make-and-take materials to help you implement all you learn.  Conscious Discipline© is the "how" to rock your CLASS© assessment.
  • Science Sampler (1/2 Day Course)
    Preschoolers doing biology, chemistry and physics? YES! Preschool children need age-appropriate, thought provoking, hands-on science activities to develop their cognitive skills. It can be challenging to make these activities fun and interesting so children will want to participate. This workshop, from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and facilitated by Karen Kuras, will include information about: different science topics, items to have in your science center, questioning strategies and exciting activities that can easily be used with preschool aged children.

Getting Here

Temple Israel
130 Riverside Dr. 
Dayton, OH 45405 
Free Parking

Date & Time

Monday, February 17, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Lunch Provided 


phone (937) 260-2666
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