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Book of the Month

Making the Most of Storytime

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 “It is the talk that surrounds the story book reading that gives it power.”
NationalAssociation for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) & International Reading Association

Reading aloud to young children is important, and HOW you share books can make a big difference. Research shows that following these read-aloud practices significantly improves the language skills of children:

 1. Have a conversation about a book

  • Frequent conversations—back-and-forth exchanges 
  • Ask questions that require more than one-word answers

2. Model advanced language

  • Repeat what your child says and add more to it:
  1. Provide new information 
  2. Recast what they say with more advanced vocabulary 

3. Prompt critical thinking skills

  • Ask how and why questions
  • Ask children to explain their answers

4. Intentionally build vocabulary

  • Reread the same book often
  • Stop and explain the meaning of one or two words

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