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Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

We're excited that you're a part of Preschool Promise and thrilled to be learning with you about how to lift up the early childhood profession and to ensure that all children start Kindergarten ready to learn.

Changes are being made to what kind of PD Preschool Promise will offer in the coming school year. Be sure to read our weekly newsletter and watch for emails from Preschool Promise for details! 

Stipend Policy

Our research shows that children make the most gains when their teachers participate in a year-long PLC and receive coaching. That’s why we’re shifting our resources to intensive professional development and coaching. This means we need to make some changes to our teacher stipend offerings.

The Professional Learning Communities Stipend  will be for early educators who:

  • Implement what they learn in their PLC in the classroom, complete homework and share how they have implemented what they are learning.

  • Continue working at a Preschool Promise partner site for the entire school year.

The amount of the new PLC Stipend will be based on the number of sessions attended and the satisfactory implementation of what was learned. 

  • 9 sessions X $75 for attendance = $675 + implementation bonus of $325 (total $1,000)

  • 17 sessions X $75 for attendance = $1,275 + $325 implementation bonus (total $1,600)