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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

children reading One of the benefits of joining Preschool Promise is the tuition assistance available to reduce the cost of sending your 4-year-old to a Star Rated program. Costs vary for each Preschool site – some are even free, if you meet eligibility requirements. Tuition Assistance also covers co-pays for families on Publicly Funded Child Care (Title XX)

June & July 2020 Updates

Dear Preschool Promise Family,

We hope you are well! The last months have been incredibly stressful, especially for young children. Now that child care programs are allowed to re-open, we wanted to update you regarding your Preschool Promise tuition assistance and STAR Attendance rewards.
We will continue to pay your child’s June and July tuition assistance if your child returns to their Preschool program.

If the program you were previously enrolled in does not have space to serve your child and you want your child to return to Preschool in June and/or July, you may choose to take your Preschool Promise tuition assistance and enroll at another licensed site located in Montgomery County, that agrees to partner with Preschool Promise. Your tuition assistance will be continued at the same level (or at a higher amount if your new program's Star Rating is greater). Please don’t hesitate to call us at 937-329-2700, or email us at [email protected] if you have questions.

A list of Preschool Promise providers can be found here. Preschool Promise cannot enroll your child at a new program — you must call the provider that you are interested in to make sure the provider has capacity and Preschool Promise will need to work with the provider to ensure they are willing to partner with Preschool Promise.  
If you are enrolled in the STAR Attendance program and your child attends a Preschool Promise site for June and/or July, you will receive your monthly $25 STAR Attendance reward. If your child’s program is closed and you do not choose to attend another Preschool Promise site, or if you unenroll for June and/or July, you are not eligible to receive the reward. 

Finally, Preschool Promise is partnering with Waterford UPSTART, an online program designed to supplement Preschool and keep children learning at home. We have limited funding for a pilot program. You may have been invited via text or email to try the program. At the moment, ALL available FREE spots have been taken. However, new spots may become available. Please be on the look-out for additional information. More information about Waterford UPSTART can be found at https://www.waterfordupstart.org/.

Stay safe this summer, and we hope you’ll join the Preschool Promise Parent Group on Facebook to see suggestions about fun things to do and keep your child learning!
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