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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process my child’s application to join Preschool Promise

Completed applications can take up to 30 days to process. A completed application contains all required documentation needed to verify your child’s eligibility and school information. An incomplete application will delay processing. If all documents/information are not present it will take longer than 30 days to process your application.  If you have questions regarding your application status, you can call or text 937-329-2700 or email us at [email protected]

Who do I include in my “Household size”? 

Household size includes the parent/s (guardian/s) and/or the parent’s (guardian’s) spouse (stepmother or stepfather) and children under 18 living in the same home of the child applying on the application.

Preschool Promise will collect information related to income from the parent(s)/guardian(s) (and parent/guardian spouse if applicable) if needed for Tuition Assistance eligibility verification.

How can I submit my documents if I didn’t/couldn’t upload them in the application portal?

Email this information with your child's name in the subject line to: [email protected]. You can email pictures of documents or scan the actual documents and email them to us. Make sure we can read them!

Mail it to:

Preschool Promise

Attn: Family Services Specialist

2251 Timber Lane

Dayton, OH  45414

Text a picture of the documents to : (937) 329-2700 - please include your child's name in the text message! 

I don’t qualify for any other tuition assistance programs due to being over income. How will I qualify for this program?

Preschool Promise’s tuition assistance program DOES NOT have an income cap. Families who would not normally qualify for other tuition assistance programs are most likely eligible for our tuition assistance. Take a Look!


I was told I don’t make enough to qualify for tuition assistance and was referred to apply for PFCC(Publicly Funded Child Care/Title XX). Why is that? What if I know I don’t qualify for PFCC?

Click Here to view our current tuition assistance structure and find your family’s Tier level. If your family falls on the portion of the table that is ‘Tier A’ that means we will assist you in accessing other available funding that is intended to support your whole family. Our vision is that all Montgomery County children are ready for Kindergarten and part of the way we do that is by linking families with the appropriate resources to send their child to school. To find more information on Publicly Funded Childcare, please visit Montgomery County JFS 

 What if I provide kinship care, temporary custody or I am a foster parent?

Please call us at 937-329-2700 or submit your most recent court documents/placement plan so that we can evaluate how we can partner with you to support your family’s specific needs at this time. 

Who is eligible for Star Attendance? 

Families who reside in the City of Dayton or Dayton Public School boundaries are eligible to sign-up for Star Attendance. For more information regarding Star Attendance, Click Here. If you aren’t sure if you reside in the City of Dayton or Dayton Public School boundaries please contact us at (937) 329-2700.

Who is eligible to apply for Preschool Promise?

Children who turn 4 by September 30, 2023, reside in Montgomery County, and enroll in a Preschool Promise program are eligible to join Preschool Promise. Children who turn 3 by September 20, 2023, and reside in the City of Dayton or Dayton Public School boundaries, and enroll in a Preschool Promise program are eligible to join Preschool Promise. Click HERE to view age eligibility. 

Who do I contact if my child is not receiving Books of the Month, Quarterly Play Kits, or other Preschool Promise materials?

Please call or text us at (937) 329-2700 and we will be happy to assist you.