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Quality Dollars

COVID-19 and your Quality Dollars

We wanted to reach out to you during this ever changing period of time concerning your Quality Dollars. Please know that you are still able to request your Quality Dollars through your coach if you are a 1-3 star site. All 4 and 5 Star programs can make request directly through Barbara Elrod.
During this unprecedented time, your Quality Dollars can be used to supplement staff pay.  We know they’re being asked to make tremendous personal sacrifices and working under intense stress. We recommend using all of the Pandemic Days that are being offered by the state, but please know that this is also a resource. 
  • To use Quality Dollars for your staff, submit your payroll needs in writing. A short Word document detailing the amount that you will be distributing to each staff member is sufficient.
  • You may use Quality Dollars to supplement salaries for teachers who are not in Preschool Promise classrooms.
  • You will receive payment on a weekly basis. Funds will be sent through electronic transfer if you currently have that process set up with us.

Quality Dollars

Preschool Promise is committed to supporting ongoing quality improvement at every participating site. Quality Assistance Dollars will be offered to each participating program per the Quality Assistance Table.

The Preschool Promise Director of Quality and/or Coaches will help programs prioritize the use of Quality Assistance Dollars.  Quality Dollars will be awarded based on input from a program's Preschool Promise Coach, with a focus on improving Kindergarten readiness. Preschool Promise is focused on closing the achievement gap, ensuring equitable practices, creating boy-friendly environments, implementing Conscious Discipline and actively interacting with families. Quality Dollars should be used to further these initiatives. 

Acceptable uses of Quality Assistance Dollars include:
  • Purchase of curriculum and assessment materials 
  • Coaching/training related to improving Kindergarten readiness 
  • Purchase of technology needed to implement improved instruction
  • Acquiring equity/culturally relevant related materials and training
  • Purchase of Conscious Discipline materials to implement rituals
  • Professional development for staff 
  • Creating boy-friendly classrooms 
  • Other uses as discussed with the Director of Quality

Important Dates for Quality Assistance Dollar Calculations:

  • Quality Assistance Base Annual Funding will be calculated based on the Star Rating the program holds as of February 15, 2019. 
  • Quality Assistance per-child amounts will be calculated based on the number of children enrolled in Preschool Promise (with completed applications) as of October 1, 2019.

Guidelines for Quality Dollars

  • Quality Dollars must be used to improve programming only at Preschool Promise sites. Organizations that have multiple sites may not use Preschool Promise funds to cover teacher and classroom/facility costs at non-Preschool Promise sites. While we understand the importance of all sites benefitting from quality improvement efforts, our funders require their support be spent at Preschool Promise sites.
  • Quality Dollars should be used during the school year that they are awarded. Quality funds that are not spent by July 1st of each school year will be forfeited. Requests for quality dollars may be made any time between August 1 and July 1st. Providers may spend down their base funding prior to October 1 and then spend their per-child allocation after that funding is finalized in October.
  • Here’s how to request quality dollars:
    • 1-Star to 3-Star sites must request funds through their 4C coach. This ensures alignment with their Continuous Improvement Plan and the strategies they’ve adopted with support from their classroom coach. Please allow 3 weeks to receive payment. If an administrator is requesting quality dollar funds for a SUTQ goal, this request must be made through the administrative coach. 
    • 4-Star and 5-Star sites must request funds by using the Request for Funds form. Please allow 3 weeks to receive payments. Providers' SUTQ CIPs must be turned in prior to a request being fulfilled. 
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