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Article: Preschool Promise expands to age 3 in Dayton, helps parents get back to work

Preschool Promise expands to age 3 in Dayton, helps parents get back to work

Featured on 2 News WDTN
Reported by Madeline Ashley
July 7, 2021

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Preschool Promise is expanding it’s educational services to children as young as 3 now in the Dayton area.

Preschool Promise Community Engagement and Outreach Manager Shelly Davies says this will come with a lot of benefits for both parents and students.

“Quite a lot of benefits. One of them is tuition reimbursement that some parents qualify for. In addition to that, every child who’s preschool promise child gets a monthly playbox at home and a book of the month as well,” said Davies.

For children 3 years old, this expansion could offer Preschool Promise education for up to two years of high quality pre-k education before kindergarten.

“It has helped with the families, the teachers, the training. We’re very excited the city of Dayton is offering it to 3 year old’s this year. So that’s really awesome. Our teachers are excited the families are excited,” said Stepping Stones Day Care Owner Audrey Starnes.

Included in the expansion is West Carrollton, which will be for children four years and up. Preschool Promise will now cover 7 of the 16 school districts in the Dayton and Montgomery County area. “Between having the addition of 3 year old’s in Dayton Public School District an West Carrollton, that could be a 50% increase of children in high quality preschool beginning in the fall,” said Davies.

Davies also says expansion to 3 year olds will cost the City of Dayton $750,000 dollars. For parents who struggle with working and keeping up with their children during the pandemic, On Purpose Academy Mentoring and Learning Center Owner Kim Jarvis says she’s hopeful this expansion makes parents feel at ease about sending their kids to child care.

“There’s still questions out there. Now they can say we not only have these resources out here but our younger children can take advantage of it, we know what’s going on. The reputation of preschool promise of these, hopefully the reputation of the center is there,” said Jarvis.

Davies says while the applications for 3 year-olds in Preschool Promise are available now, the expansion won’t start until August 1st.

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