Here are some frequently asked questions about Preschool Promise.

You can also email us with your questions at questions@PreschoolPromise.org, or call (937) 329-2700.

Q: Why can't I get help to send my 3-year-old or 5-year-old to Preschool?

A: Preschool Promise funds are limited. We don't have enough funding to include younger and older children. If your 5-year-old wasn't ready to start Kindergarten this year and you would like to enroll him or her in a participating Preschool Promise program, contact us at (937) 329-2700.

Q: Does Preschool Promise have it's own Preschools?

A: No. We partner with more than 70 Preschools in Dayton and Kettering. Our focus is helping families find and afford a high quality Preschool and assisting Preschools to improve the programming. 

Q: Why do I have to choose a Preschool located in Dayton or Kettering?

A: We hope Preschool Promise will expand throughout Montgomery County. Right now, though, we only have funding to assist programs in these 2 communities. (Dayton and Kettering and their school districts are helping financially support Preschool Promise.)

Q: Why isn't my Preschool part of Preschool Promise?

A: Joining Preschool Promise is voluntary. Ask your Preschool to consider joining and to become Star-Rated. We'll begin adding new programs for the 2019-20 school year in January 2019.

Q: Does Preschool Promise partner with programs that aren't Star-Rated?

A: Yes! Unrated Preschool Promise programs still get valuable help to improve their programming. Your child's teachers will get free toys and resources, coaching about how to help children learn new skills and assistance in choosing curriculum that ensures your child will be ready to start Kindergarten on track. However, tuition assistance is not available at unrated programs. Click here for a list of Preschool Promise programs working toward earning a Star Rating.

Q: When will Preschool Promise come to my community?

A: Soon, we hope! But before we can expand beyond Dayton and Kettering, we'll need to get additional funding.

Q: Why am I being asked to sign a Research Consent form?

A: We want to be able to show the difference quality Preschools are making in getting children ready for Kindergarten. University of Dayton researchers are assessing children at the start, and again at the end, of the school year to track all that they're learning. We're analyzing data at the classroom level - your child's name is not linked to the research results.